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Make Up Days for FCA Staff & Students

FCA will be required to make up 2 snow days on Thursday, April 24 and Friday, April 25 as a result of our extra days off during this past winter.  School districts are allowed by law to miss 5 days due to severe weather or other calamities and since we have missed 7 days, we are required to make up 2 school days. 

If your family have already made plans to be out of town, please complete an Absence Arranged in Advance form (AAA), and submit to the Elementary or High School Office.  Thank you.



Open Enrollment is going on now for the 2014-2015 School Term! Click the Enroll Online link for Kindergarten - 12th Grade.

Enroll Online for Kindergarten - 12th Grade


For Preschool and Childcare, either stop by the Preschool/Childcare Office to pick up enrollment forms or click on this link and download enrollment forms:  Preschool and Childcare! 

Birthday Requirements: 

►PreK3 – age 3 before 8/1/14 

►PreK4 – age 4 before 8/1/14

►PreK5 – age 5 before 12/31/14

►PreK5 All Day – age 5 before 12/31/14

►Kindergarten – age 5 before 8/1/14


FCA.....Pursuing Excellence, Building Character!

"Two in 5 Ohio high school graduates needed remedial math or English because they weren’t properly prepared for college, according to a new report from the Ohio Board of Regents....The remediation rate in Ohio — 40 percent in 2012 — has not changed by more than a couple of percentage points in 10 years, according to the data. That means more than 20,000 high school graduates who attended an in-state public college or university in 2012 needed at least one remedial class, according to the report."

"In pursuing excellence, we are blessed to have the lowest percentage in the county. We are working extremely hard to reduce this percentage further." said Superintendent, Craig Carpenter. 

Want more details?

The full article from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette website can be found HERE.


The Common Core Controversy

Currently, there is some controversy surrounding the Common Core State Standards; unfortunately, this controversy and debate has created more questions than answers for many people.  Because we are committed to being knowledgeable about all information that impacts our students, we want to assure you that we have explored the Common Core.  Thankfully, as a private Christian school, FCA is not legally mandated at this time to adopt the Common Core or any other state standards.

Curious about FCA's position on the Common Core or ACSI's position?

Visit FCA's Common Core page HERE

Visit ACSI's Common Core page HERE.