Class of 2006 – 24 graduates  Offered:    $520,399.00    Accepted: $296,843.00

Class of 2007 – 23 graduates  Offered:    $687,778.00    Accepted: $454,778.00

Class of 2008 – 7 graduates    Offered:    $260,050.00    Accepted: $127,590.00

Class of 2009 – 32 graduates  Offered:    $960,830.00    Accepted: $478,251.00

Class of 2010 – 22 graduates  Offered: $1,271,184.00    Accepted: $481,784.00

Class of 2011 - 30 graduates  Offered: $1,491,000.00    Accepted: $596,200.00

Class of 2012 - 36 graduates  Offered: $1,803,204.00    Accepted: $791,244.00

So, where are they now?  See below for some of the most recent stories submitted by our alumni...

Emily Davidson - Class of 2006

When I graduated from FCA I really only knew that I wanted to do three things: study abroad, graduate from college early, and go to graduate school.  After I graduated from FCA I went on a four week mission trip to India. That fall, I started my undergrad at Concordia University Wisconsin. I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year at Regents University in London, England. While in London I had the opportunity to spend many weekends traveling in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain.

I was able to graduate from Concordia in three years. That saved me a year’s worth of tuition, which was immensely important to me because I planned on attending law school after undergrad. I started law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law that fall. I am currently in my second year there and am a member of the Cleveland State Law Review. I don't have a specific career goal after my graduation from law school in 2012, but I am confident that having a law degree will be prove beneficial in whatever career path I take.

The fact that I was able to do post-secondary during my senior year was great, because it put me on the fast-track in college. Additionally, I've always appreciated the small class sizes at FCA, because they allowed for unique experiences I am sure that I couldn't have had elsewhere. The mission trips were especially influential in helping me form a worldview which is appreciative of all cultures and beliefs.

 Kristen Cooper – Class of 2004

For as long as I can remember, my plan was always to graduate from high school and then go to college. It wasn’t until my senior year at FCA that my plan began to have some more substance behind it. For English class my senior year we were given the assignment to research and write a paper about a potential career path. That’s when God began to open the door to the idea of sports ministry. Since athletics was something I have always loved, it seemed like a great fit. From there, I found a college – Malone University – that offered one of the best sports ministry programs. My plan quickly began to have a direction and I set out to attend Malone, graduate, and then get a job working in the field of sports ministry, most likely at a church or working for a para-church organization.

It has been cool to see how God has used various people and circumstances to bring his plan into motion in my life. After graduating from FCA, I went to Malone University where I majored in Youth/Sports Ministry. During my time at Malone, God used a lot of great people and some great opportunities to shape my passion for ministry and to show me how sports can open doors for ministry opportunities. When my family moved to Ohio and I began attending FCA/FCC, I was introduced to Upward Basketball and the way in which it uses sports as a tool for churches to reach their community. When I decided to pursue sports ministry, Upward was always in the back of my mind. During the second semester of my senior year of college, I applied and got a job at the Upward Sports headquarters in Spartanburg, SC. A week after graduation, I moved to South Carolina and have been working at Upward for almost 3 years now. I’ve been blessed with several great opportunities since starting with Upward and I am currently working as a Ministry Growth Representative. Through this, I have the chance to talk to churches that do not run Upward Sports yet and help them as they explore the possibilities of starting an Upward Sports ministry at their church.

I’ve gotten connected to a great church and am very involved with it. At some point in the near future, I would like to start graduate school, but I’m waiting for God’s leading and direction in that. So for now, I am learning to be content where he has me and invest in the lives of those around me.

During my time at FCA, I learned a lot about hard-work and perseverance. Whether it was in a class or on the basketball court or soccer field, I was given a chance to learn and grow. The extra-curricular activities I was involved in at FCA gave me opportunities to be in positions of leadership where I learned how to work with others, listen to those with differing opinions, and ultimately stand behind what I believed to be is right. This helped as I got to college and continued to develop in these areas; which, as I look back now, are invaluable lessons that I continue to use today.

The only thing I wish I would have done differently during my time at FCA was to pursue some post-secondary options during my senior year. While I don’t feel like it hurt me, I do think taking a few college classes prior to starting college would have been beneficial and maybe prepared me a little better for what academics at the college level looked like. 


Kendra Dewese – Class of 2007    

I planned to attend Cedarville University and major in Chemistry with a Pre-pharmacy track and then go to pharmacy school.  God has strengthened me in my commitment to Him while at Cedarville. He also revealed a love of teaching to me and gave me further guidance in my future.

During my second year at Cedarville, I realized I did not enjoy the pre-pharmacy track and decided to focus only on chemistry. My third year, I was introduced to Organic Chemistry, which I love. As I struggled with what sort of career I wanted from a chemistry degree, God directed me towards teaching through tutoring opportunities and other venues. I am now planning on attending graduate school after I graduate this year to pursue a doctorate in chemistry. I have been accepted to Ohio State University, Indiana University, and University of Cincinnati and will most likely attend Ohio State. I hope to find a job teaching organic chemistry at a college after achieving my doctorate and utilizing that position to not only teach young adults, but also mentor them.

FCA prepared me in numerous ways. Bible class with Mr. White strengthened me in my convictions and expanded my abilities in the area of philosophy. Chemistry with Mr. Hawks was a great foundation for my first year in my chemistry major. Finally, the focus on the ACT and presentation abilities also prepared me for college.


Justin GrecniClass of 2006  

I wanted to go to school to be a math teacher for High School kids, and coach sports.  I have gone to college at Spring Arbor University for the last 4.5 years. God has shown me to be patient in the valleys, and that service is the best way for me to get close with him. So, I currently am helping with a middle school youth group every Sunday. On May 14 I will be graduating college with a B.A. in psychology and an Associates degree in business. On the same day I will also be commissioned in the U.S. Army National Guard as a 2 Lieutenant. I will go to training for a few months, and then be a Platoon Leader for a transportation unit in Jackson. I also hope to get engaged soon to my wonderful and amazing girlfriend.   

FCA was amazing. My class in particular prepared me for things that I don't think other people even think about in relation to God and how to treat people. The ability to play sports, and to have great coaches like Mark Zeltman, shaped my behavior for success in the Army. The education I received has been more than adequate in all of my classes, covering many different areas.


Ariel Heskett – Class of 2009

My plan was to go to U of Findlay for Equestrian therapy with a minor in music and study abroad...then work with handicapped kids on horse back.  Since I left FCA, U of Findlay dropped my program so I transferred to Ohio Northern U as a music major and still plan to go into therapy... just music therapy.  I am studying abroad in Ireland this summer and possibly doing some ethno-musicology as well. I have also completed my phlebotomy certification so that I could get a decent job while in school. I have had marvelous opportunities to travel with the select ONU touring choir all over the US. and will next be heading to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with that choir.  Planning on heading to grad school after this and then settling with a family!

FCA prepared me academically very well... but my advice to students leaving FCA is to remember that you will not be in those safe four walls anymore. You have to stand by what you believe and hold fast to that.