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Cooperative Studies Division

Fairfield Christian Academy’s Cooperative Studies Division has been established to provide quality educational options for parents and students who may want to provide a supervised blend of educational opportunities for their sons or daughters. This program permits a child to accomplish their coursework in any given year by studying some subjects at home (in a home-school setting) while taking other coursework on campus (in a traditional day-school setting).
The Cooperative Studies Program, preparing to enter its fourth year of service to FCA families, has been revised in order to better serve it's students while also aligning more closely with the overall ministry of Fairfield Christian Academy.  The revised Cooperative Studies brochure is now available by clicking here, or it can be found on the publications page of this web site.
If you wish to consider the program further, or have any questions about the program, please contact our program director at one of the contact addresses below.


Cooperative Studies Director Information

For more information, contact our program director, Mrs. Janis Smeltzer, at:

    Fairfield Christian Academy, 1965 N. Columbus St., Lancaster, OH 43130

   Office phone - 740-654-2889;  ext. 264 

    E-mail - jsmeltzer@fairfieldchristianacademy.com  


Cooperative Studies Information

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