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Lunch Pricing:
Grades K - 2 -- $2.10 / with milk $2.50
Grades 3 - 5-- $2.60 / with milk $3.00
Grades 6 - 12 -- $3.10 / with milk $3.50
FCA Faculty, Staff & Adult Guests - $3.10 / with milk $3.50
     - $4.50 for holiday meals
A la Carte Items:
Milk - $.40
Cookies - $.75
Salad - $.55 per ounce
Soup - $1.75
Sandwiches - $2.00
Specialty Sandwiches - $2.75-$3.50
Fruit - $.50
Cheese Cup - $.50
Nacho Chips - $1.50
School Pizza - $1.50 - $1.75

 Homemade Pizza - $2.00 - $2.50

Calzone - $2.00
Pizza or Taco Sticks - $1.00
Small Snacks (cheese crackers, granola bars, etc.) - $.50 - $.75
Chips, Pretzels, Chex Mix - $.50

Students may bring a brown bag lunch or lunch box that does not require refrigeration. Hot lunches and limited. A la carte choices will be available for purchase each day unless otherwise informed. Limited a la carte choices are also available for grades 6 - 12. Lunch and drink prices are announced at the beginning of the year.

The school has a "closed" lunch policy, which means that students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch, except with their own parents. If a parent wishes to pick up his or her student for lunch, that parent should follow the procedure for early dismissal explained in the attendance policy.

“Closed” lunch policy also means that students from other schools, friends, or any other people except your parents cannot come to FCA to join you for lunch. If special circumstances warrant a visit from a friend during your lunch period, permission from the principal prior to the visit must be obtained. “Walk-in” visits will not be approved.

Grades K - 5 Lunch Room Guest Etiquette

  • Send a written note to your child's teacher on the day you are coming, letting us know you plan to join your child for lunch. Please let us know if you are bring lunch for your child or if he/she will be buying the school lunch.
  • You may only invite your own child to have lunch with you at the designated parent tables.  Your child may not invite friends to the table with you.  This is a special time for you and your child. 
  • If you choose to bring in lunch, no soda pop is permitted for your child's lunch.
  • K-5 students are not permitted to have items from the a la carte line. You may buy a la carte items for your lunch only.