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We welcome you to a new year. We are looking forward to working with you and your child at the Fairfield Christian Academy Child Care & Preschool. We will offer your child a well-rounded program, which meets the varied needs of young children. In our Preschool, our goal is to provide instruction in areas which will enhance your child's future learning success in an atmosphere of Christian love and values.

Your child's education is a joint venture between home and school. We will do our best to communicate regularly with you regarding our school policies, activities and your child's individual progress. It is our hope that you will keep in close contact with us. Together we can ensure that your child's experience is positive and successful, as well as full of fun!


3's Picnic Lunch

While the "big kids" are on Spring Break, Ms. Mimi and Ms. Lettie took advantage of the sunny skies and took their 3 year olds outside for a picnic lunch. 



2014 Ohio Early Care & Education Conference

Several of our teachers recently attended the 2014 Ohio Early Care & Education Conference, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, bringing back methods and tools to help further the early childhood experience in their classrooms.  Classes included:

  • An Unforgettable Day: Becoming an Early Childhood Enthusiast
  • Early Experiences Matter: Well-Being and Trauma in Babies & Toddlers
  • O for Ollie! Enriching Literacy Skills in an Infant-Toddler Classroom
  • Making Science Fun: How to Create Unforgettable Learning Experiences
  • Amazing Science Experiences on a Shoestring Budget
  • Oodles of Art! Discover the Value-- Experience the Fun
  • The Whole Child, The Whole Story! Write Out of the Box
  • Playing to Learn: The Connection Between Brain and Body
  • Self Esteem, It's Not Something You Give

Our teachers receive yearly, ongoing training, ranging from CPR & First Aid, Child Abuse & Neglect Recognition, and other required trainings to age-specific topics, such as "Biting Hurts."  Ohio University holds an Early Ed Conference every fall, which our teachers enjoy attending, as they are able to network with other teachers and caregivers, share local ideas and discuss topics of concern that are specific to families in Fairfield County. 


Toddler Writing Center

Ms. Anika and Ms. Kim implemented a toddler writing center in their classroom last week, allowing the children to write and draw freely.  Artwork is typically done in the kitchen area, but they set up the writing center in the main area of the classroom, allowing for a completely new experience! 



Room 413 Emotions Book

Room 413 recently put together a book of emotions, starring who other than themselves?!!  The pictures were adorable (and the outtakes hilarious!).


Infant Care

Our Infant classroom serves children 6 weeks old through 18 months.  Benefits of this classroom include:

  • Lower teacher:child ratios (1:4 vs. the state mandated 1:5)
  • Diapers and wipes included in tuition
  • Clean environment-- no outdoor shoes permitted inside the classroom
  • Consistent, familiar faces for your child with little turnover

Please call for a tour today!  We currently have a waiting list, so act fast!