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IF we are under a Winter Weather Advisory and your child is scheduled to take the ACT:

   What happens if there is bad weather on test day?

Check the ACT website for test center cancellations. Listen to the local radio or television station that normally carries school announcements. If the test administration is canceled at your test center, there will be an announcement and the administration will be rescheduled. If conditions are dangerous, do not attempt to travel to the test center, even if your test center remains open.

If your test center is closed due to severe weather, check this website to find your rescheduled test date. Mrs. Knechtel will also notify you by mail or e-mail about a rescheduled test date.

If your test center stays open, but you are unable to travel to the test center because of severe weather, call ACT (319.337.1270) during the week after the test date for your options.



        For $2.00, 6th – 12th grade students may wear jeans to help provide funds for the Junior/Senior Prom. The Jean Day dates have been prearranged and coordinated with Mr. Carpenter by Mrs. Kumler and Mrs. Hawks, the Junior Advisors.   Students enjoy participating in Jean Days, and we want to continue offering this privilege. 

In order to do so, however, dress code guidelines must be followed.

Jeans Days will take place on the dates listed below:

                                                               September 6th

October 25th

November 26th

December 20th

January 31st

Feburary 14th- Wear a red shirt

March 14th – Wear a green shirt

April 17th

May 16th

        Please use your best judgment when selecting clothing for school days as they must remain consistent with the school handbook.  Page 39 of the handbook states, Jeans may be worn provided they are in good condition, no holes, hemmed and do not extend past the heel, no holes or fraying.”  

Please help us continue this fun event by lending your support. 

It is greatly appreciated.


Rent-A-Senior for Mission Trip

Do you need work done around your house or yard? We would absolutely love to help you out! From this very day until April 2014, you can Rent-A-Senior (or ten) from Fairfield Christian Academy.  We can tutor, mulch your flower beds, take your poodle for a walk, repaint your kitchen, clean your house, babysit, or any other task you have in mind!

Payment is by donation (Make checks payable to FCA) and all proceeds are going towards the senior mission trip! If you are interested in Renting-A-Senior, please contact Rita Ralph, Senior Class Advisor, at 740-603-0219 or via email at rralph@fairfieldchristianacademy.com (or click on her name above).


Students Engaged In Servant Leadership

Every grading period, high school students are expected to record their volunteer hours -- at home, at school and in the community. The SEISL forms are a great resource during students' senior year as they prepare resumes for colleges and scholarships.

All students will be provided with SEISL deadlines and the volunteer hours must accompany supervisor signatures.

A new SEISL form is required every grading period and is a grade for Bible Class.




Absences Arranged in Advance

If a student will be absent for a scheduled surgery, family vacation, church function or other event and you would like schoolwork ahead of time, please fill out the Absence Arranged in Advance form

"Under special circumstances, absence requests may be arranged so that the student does not suffer the full academic penalty for an unexcused absence.  These absences must be arranged in advance, assignments received from teachers and due as arranged.  While provisions may be made for these absences, it is the position of Fairfield Christian Academy that the use of school time for such absences be discouraged, when possible."

Once the absence has been approved by the principal, the Absence Arranged in Advance form will be given to each teacher and recorded as an absence in the student's file.  Provided lesson plans are available for the duration of the absence, teachers will make the student aware of any work they will be missing . It is the student's responsibility to communicate with each teacher to gather assigned work they will miss.

During their scheduled absence, parents will not be expected to call the Attendance Office. If a student's scheduled event is cancelled, it is the student's responsibility to commuicate with the High School office or Attendance Office to remove the absences from their record.

FCA's attendance policy can be found on page 32 of the Middle School/High School Handbook.