Fairfield Christian Academy Directory

If the staff member's name is blue, click on the name and you will automatically link to the staff member's e-mail address.  Names listed in black have no FCA e-mail address. Teacher email addresses are the first initial of their first name and their full last name at fairfieldchristianacademy.com.

Administration Office:  
Superintendent - Craig Carpenter ext 285 
Superintendent Assistant - Carolyn Mulpas ext 285

Curriculum Director - Laura Putinski ext 315

Activities Director K-12 - Karen Burcham ext 418
Director of Institutional Advancement - Todd Oliver ext 315
Technology Director - David Albert ext 410

Technology Coordinator - Dave Dewese ext 265

Admission Office: 
Director - Kara Stephens ext 307
Cooperative Studies Director - Janis Smeltzer ext 264

Financial Office:

Financial Director - Brandy Conley ext. 356

Treasurer - Pam McCarty

Asst. Treasurer - Loretta Megahan

Attendance & Busing Office:
Secretary - Carol Myers ext 306

Middle & Sr. High School:
Secondary Administrative Assistant - Stacey Rauch ext 312
Guidance/College Counselor - Becky Knechtel ext 316

Elementary School:

Academic Dean - Laura Putinski ext 313
Elementary Administrative Assistant  - Martha Sullivan   ext 298

Childcare & Preschool:
Director - Erica Neal ext 246
Assistant Director - Katie Curtis ext. 408
Child Services Coordinator - Michelle Skeen ext. 246

Athletic Office:  

Athletic Director/Secondary Dean - Aaron Bates ext. 524

Athletic Administrative Assistant - Mary Beth Dewese ext 329

Food Services:
Manager - Lisa Stevens ext. 232

School Nurse Office:
Coordinator - Anna Heskett ext 295
Nurse - Mary Beth Dewese ext 295

Faculty List:

Preschool - leave message at extension 246
Pre K-3          Phyllis Reed,  Jen Clark
Pre K-4          Phyllis Reed,  Jen Clark         
Pre K-5          Kathy Bevard, Randi Reid, Patty Robbins  

Elementary - leave message at extension 237

        Kindergarten   Chris Oller, Kathy Cassidy
        Grade 1          Sue Neff
        Grade 2          Deb Johnson,   
        Grade 3          Dannelle Ashley, Grace Vestre

        Grade 4          Mark Bowers,  Chris Tate,   Diana West

Grade 5           Melissa Albert, Mark Bowers

Secondary - leave message at extension 312
Language Arts  Ellen Edwards, Beth Hawks, Diane HoffmanKate Kumler
Math                Cathy BarthelmasBarry GarrettRita Ralph
Science            Chris HawksStacie Hopple, Anne Boucher, Lori Thompson
Social Science  Katie Custer,   Ellen Ratliff,   Teresa Seaman
Spanish           Marcy Whitson                                                                    

Specialists (Alphabetical Order) - leave message at extension 237 or 312
Dave Albert - Technology, Bible, Transportation
Debby Allen - Choir, Band and General Music
Jennifer Appelfeller - Art
Lane Bennett - Elementary Strings, Art General Music

Mark Bowers - 4th/5th Science/Tutoring/Elementary Chapels 
JT Burcham - Media
Billie Hoag - Library and Media Center

Roger Hooper - Physical Education 

Janis Smeltzer - Coop Co-ordinator/Bible

Kim Sparrow - Strings (Secondary)
Intervention -  Kris BrakeRebecca Luttrell